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Solution Architecture

CBPay is a flexible system with many interfaces and therefore there are different possibilities to connect to it.

MQ only
Assuming the source data has the right format already and the focus is on a minimum of complexity on the part of a source system, a connection can be made via messenger service only (e.g. ActiveMQ).
CBPay returns erroneous transactions for correction to the source system. After the correc-tion, the transactions will be sent again to CBPay.
All valid payments will be cleared in CBPay directly.

Combination WebService/MQ
Assuming the source data has the right format already, but checks are necessary it is a smart option to combine webservice and MQ:
• All validation and reachability checks should be done via webservices.
• The payment transfer should be done by ActiveMQ 


If all available checks are carried out via webservice, execution is guaranteed by the banks and error messages are not expected.
Regardless of the outgoing payment, of course, the incoming payments must also be pro-cessed (including R transactions).
Customized connection
Especially in unusual circumstances, the flexibility of CBPay can be used to optimize the payment traffic.
We are happy to assist you to evaluate the pros and cons of connection variants.