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Maintenance and Hosting Service

An important part of the service is the maintenance because it is very laborious to observe all sources of a possible change and to asses the business impact. The main components are:
• Active monitoring of all related authorities (Bbk, EBA, EZB, a.s.o.) of the CBPay Service (SEPA, EBICS, SWIFT) for information on technical or business changes.
• Contemporary analysis of the impact on CBPay Service and all existing configura-tions.
• Proactive information to users about the nature and extent of the changes.
• If there are direct effects on the operation, proposals for optimization are worked out.
• Annual information meeting with an outlook on regulatory changes and the CBPay roadmap.
Beside of an on site installation CBPay services are available as SaaS solution via a German data center with ISO27001 certification and includes:
• Professional internet connection (1 GBit / s)
• High availability Setup with double redundancy, automatic failover
• Managed solution for hardware, operating systems and application
• Monitoring for Hardware and MQ Availability
• Backup solution and disaster recovery