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CBPay is a very complex and mature payments system.

It is used as the central connection between banking inhouse systems and existing payments systems such as EMZ-SEPA, TARGET2, SWIFT.
CBPay handles the task of converting all inhouse formats to the "official" payment formats and vice versa. Complex payment routes with different clearing partners can be configured in a most flexible and transparent way.
The horizontal and vertical multi-client capability makes it possible to comply with corporate structures while adhering to the highest security standards. Basic functionality (converting, payment checking, calculating/verifying BIC and IBAN, ...) can be provided as SaaS to sup-port existing inhouse systems.
With the associated maintenance of the corresponding SEPA and SWIFT interfaces, CBPay offers a worry-free package to manage payment transactions. 


CBPay Service

CBPay is a solution for national and cross-border payments for SEPA, SWIFT and ACH certi-fied by the German Federal Bank. The system has a modular architecture and is highly con-figurable to map complex requirements and to automate processes transparently.
In addition to the requirements of the regulators, the functionality of CBPay is based on many years of practical experience.

The operating system platforms and database systems used enable open scalability from the regional institute to the international large-scale enterprise. Both single-user systems and mul-ti-user systems with any number of clients are possible.

The data management is organized in a central database (Infopool). The info-pool uses for the "parking" of payments of a data pool (disk directory). Parameter-controlled, each institute can determine how long payment data should remain in the system after processing. This allows that Information data can remain in the system much longer than the actual payment data due to the low memory requirement for information or statistical purposes. In addition, a search archive is available as an extension.

To ensure a clear and orderly course of processing of payments, a status is assigned to each individual payment or file according to the processing control. The status is set in the automat-ic pass through the self-executing sub-actions (e.g., read, check, send).

In addition to the payment information, the entire processing control is also recorded. This is done by a timestamp at each automatic status change. In addition, the user names are logged during manual intervention (for example, corrections). Through this history management, all processing operations are auditable.

Multilingualism, Multi currency capability 
CBPay is available English or German. More languages can be added on demand.
CBPay can process payments with any currency ID.

The screen view can be customized by each user and optimized for the task at hand. Corre-sponding to the permissions and role of the user, data and menu items are shown or hidden.